Stichting Safehouses Melina Lameé
Liefde overwint alles / Love conquers all

Our Mission

Our Foundation aims to realize safehouses for people from the LGBTIQ community and for children who are ostracized by family and have to live on the streets, because their life is in danger because the society in which they live is dangerous, and the risk of being raped and threatened, arrested and end up in a prison and even condemned to death in some countries. Also there are cases known to that by their own family is put a price on their heads.

Also, children deserve a safe place to eat, fine clothes and personal hygiene and not a risk to be exploited by criminals for various purposes and that they become addicted to the narcotic drugs.

Both groups, from the LGBTIQ community as children deserve a safe place to get a chance from there again in the society. We cannot save the world, but can help to improve it and strive to create a safe place for both groups and that they can get another chance in society

Through our commitment, we hope that the acceptance of the LGBTIQ community can get on the social and political agenda. Not only in Netherlands takes the violence and intolerance of the LGBTIQ community, in many countries within our own Europe is poorly argued with the rights and acceptance of this community.

Outside Europe it is much more poignant. In Arab and African countries as a LGBGTIQ your life is literally in danger. Also in many countries in the far East, South America and Caribbean are no safe places for the LGBTIQ and sometimes for children. 

A very important point is that in countries where they  the LGBTIQ community lives and homeless individuals in the streets are at risk, The safe houses remain very secret.