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Our Mission

Safehouses Melina Lameé Foundation realizes safe houses for people and children from the LGBTIQ community who have been rejected by their families and therefore have to survive on the street. Their lives are endangered because the society to which they belong does not recognize them as equals. There are still too many countries in which LGBTIQ people are threatened, at risk of being raped and they can even be arrested and sentenced to death or murdered. In 2019 alone, 331 transsexuals were murdered, this does not include the victims of African or Islamic countries or other LGBTIQ people who have become victims.
Within Europe, there are still plenty of countries where things are very bad with the rights and the acceptance of the LGBTIQ. Even in the Netherlands, there is still a lot of violence and intolerance towards this group: at least 4000 LGBTIQ people are evicted and abandoned/rejected and live on the streets. Outside Europe, the situation is even direr. In Arab and African countries, the lives of LGBTIQ people are at stake every day. Also in countries in the Far East, South America, and the Caribbean there are not enough safe places for LGBTIQ people or none at all.

It is also crucial that the safe houses that are there remain secret to continue to guarantee the safety of the residents. Through our efforts, we hope to put the protection of the LGBTIQ community on the social and political agenda worldwide. In this way, we can guarantee a better future for LGBTIQ people, both adults, and children. Do you want to contribute to our mission: help us by donating, so that we can realize a safe house for this vulnerable community worldwide.