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Vacancy: General Volunteer

Organization Description:
Safehouses Melina Lameé Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing safe accommodations for individuals from the LGBTIQ community and children who have been rejected by their families, forced to live on the streets where their lives are endangered due to intolerant societies. Our foundation strives to create a safe space for both groups to have a fresh start in society. We believe in improving the world and assisting those who need it the most, while simultaneously raising awareness for the rights and acceptance of the LGBTIQ community.

Organizational Atmosphere:
At Safehouses Melina Lameé Foundation, we aim to foster a humane, supportive, and connecting atmosphere. Our organization is considered a community where everyone feels welcome, emphasizing understanding and respect for one another. We are committed to building strong interpersonal bonds and providing support to both the LGBTIQ community and children in need of our assistance.

We encourage an open and inclusive environment, where the door is always open for a cup of coffee, and moments of laughter and positive interaction are encouraged. We understand the importance of a friendly and supportive atmosphere in achieving our goals. By collaborating in an atmosphere of mutual support and understanding, we strive to create a warm and inclusive community where everyone feels valued.

In our organization, it's not just about tasks and responsibilities but also about building valuable relationships and sharing positive moments. We believe that a human approach and interpersonal connectedness are essential to effectively contribute to the safety and opportunities of those we support.

Role Description as General Volunteer:
As a General Volunteer at the Safehouses Melina Lameé Foundation, you will be involved in various aspects of our organization. You contribute not only to financial tasks but also actively participate as a supportive member of our team. The role, based in Almelo and the surrounding area, provides flexibility for some tasks remotely. As a General Volunteer, you collaborate with other team members, contribute to events, facilitate activities, and promote awareness of the rights and acceptance of the LGBTIQ community.

- Willingness and enthusiasm to participate as a General Volunteer in various tasks and events within the foundation.
- Versatility and the ability to effectively switch between different tasks.
- A proactive and team-oriented approach to contribute to the overall goals of the foundation.
- Good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders.
- Willingness to learn and be part of a team dedicated to the safety of LGBTIQ individuals and children.

Preferably from the LGBTIQ community or those who are LGBTIQ-minded.
If interested, please apply via the email address below:

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